NODUST®Infra needs to be dilluted in water abd is mainly applied with a water tank or water truck. For optimal results NODUST®Infra should be used pro-actively. After treatment the fixated area will remain dust free up to one season.

NODUST®Infra is most effective on humid or wet soil. In dry conditions it is recommended to use more water or wet the terrain beforehand.

On terrains with traffic, the remaining tracks need to be treated over time with a low NODUST®Infra dosage. The effectiveness of this biological product is being influenced by soil type and weather conditions. A repetition of the treatment can be necessary.

NODUST®Infra is a biological binding agent. Always clean the tank, the pipes and nozzles after usage.

For more information and possibilities about NODUST®Infra for your specific situation, please contact LignoStar.