Ultrafine dust

Reducing Near-Road Fine Dust Pollution

Due to air turbulence caused by traffic, large amounts of swirling particulate matters arise on roadsides and next to runways at airports. These areas can be treated relatively simply and effectively with NODUST INFRA. The fine dust is bound in a unique way, and the agglomerate remains on the bottom. Traffic emits about 40% of the particulate matter in the world. NODUST INFRA binds and agglomerates these fine dust particles in the direct atmosphere of the dust source up to 99%. In comparison, reducing speed limits from 25 to 15 mph will only reduce 42% of the PM level. Fine dust control with NODUST INFRA has proven to be an effective and environmentally friendly solution for one of the biggest environmental problems at the moment.


NODUST INFRA is easy to apply as an (ultrafine) dust suppressant on open areas next to runways at airports. Airplanes can cause a lot of dust during take-off and landing. The same counts for helipads.

NODUST INFRA offers an easy and sustainable solution against dust problems on runways. By using conventional irrigation and spraying equipment, airports and helipads stay dust-free and safe.


  • Binds PM10 and PM2.5 at the source
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Easy applicable 
  • Beneficial for public health

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