Flexible & Sustainable

Effective against soil dust and particulate matter


The environmentally friendly dust suppresser and soil stabilizer

Dust suppression with NODUST Infra offers a unique and user-friendly solution against dust in different applications. It saves costs and increases efficiency for the end-users. NODUST Infra is a concentrated dust suppressant. It has an easy application. It is enough to mix it with water and disperse it with irrigation equipment.

Particulate matter and dust control with NODUST Infra is simple, sustainable, and efficient

Top Seal

NODUST Infra is an environmentally friendly dust control agent based on a modified biopolymer. Because the product is completely water-soluble and biodegradable, it offers a sustainable solution against dust from soil.

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Particulate matter reduction

Due to air turbulence caused by traffic, large amounts of swirling particulate matters arise on roadsides and next to runways at airports. These areas can be treated relatively simply and effectively with NODUST Infra. The fine dust is bound in a unique way, and the agglomerate remains on the bottom.

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Soil Stabilization

By incorporating the NODUST Infra in the soil in dirt roads or construction sites, the soil is stabilized from the inside. By saturating the soil with a lignin-based, environmentally friendly solution, the soil is hardened and will need less maintenance.

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