Soil Stabilization

By incorporating the NODUST Infra in the soil of dirt roads or construction sites, the soil is stabilized from the inside-out. By saturating the soil with a lignin-based, environmentally friendly solution, the soil is hardened and will need less maintenance. Due to the simple application of NODUST Infra, the maintenance costs of unpaved roads and terrains are drastically reduced.

Application Info

To stabilize construction sites, roadsides, sand, and rubble roads, the NODUST Infra solution must be processed 10 to 15 cm deep through the top layer of the soil by means of a cutter, shovel, or scrape. The solution for the soil stabilization treatment has a mixing ratio of 1: 1 (NODUST: Water). The standard dosage for soil stabilization is approx. 1.0 liter to 1.5 liters of the NODUST Infra solution / m2. Depending on the dryness of the soil, more water may be required. After processing and leveling, the treated surface must be milled. After the soil stabilization, a top-seal treatment with NODUST Infra will ensure optimal results.

NODUST Infra is a biological binding agent. For all forms of application, the tank, the pipes, and spray nozzles must be thoroughly cleaned after use. NODUST Infra is widely available all year round by tanker (24 tons) or in IBC multi boxes (1,000 liters).


  • Environmental friendly 
  • Reduces labor hours 
  • Soil is stabilized 
  • Road safety is increased

For more information and possibilities about NODUST Infra for your specific situation, please contact us.