Top Seal

NODUST Infra is an environmentally friendly dust control agent based on a modified biopolymer. Because the product is completely water-soluble and biodegradable, it offers a sustainable solution against dust from soil.

Less water consumption

Binding dust with NODUST Infra saves water consumption. The dust is bound for up to an entire season, reducing the need for repeat water treatments. A substantial reduction of water consumption provides a sustainable solution against dust.

On dirt roads and fields, NODUST Infra is used to bind to soil particles. The product retains moisture on the surface and creates a natural top-seal on the unpaved area. In addition to binding the dust, this durable top-seal solution offers a substantial reduction in water consumption, man-hours, and depreciation on equipment.

Less CO2 emissions and a reduction in costs

With fewer water spray treatments, the same effect is achieved with the use of NODUST Infra. As a result, equipment is used more efficiently and less often, which leads to a reduction in Co2 emissions.

Independent and fast

The end user can intervene directly with NODUST Infra in acute and often local dust problems.

NODUST Infra can easily be applied so that the end-user can intervene directly when a dust problem occurs. Renting special equipment is not necessary since the product can be distributed with conventional machinery.

For optimal dosages and advice for your specific situation, you can contact your NODUST Infra supplier at any time.

Examples of locations that often experience dust nuisance

Construction sites

Dust suppression with NODUST Infra provides significant savings by reducing the amount of water used in addition to needing fewer labor hours. In this way, this product offers greater sustainability in the construction sector.

NODUST Infra also increases transport safety. Suspended dust on construction sites no longer limit the view of drivers. Furthermore, the wear of vehicles and equipment is also prevented with the application of NODUST Infra. NODUST Infra can also be applied to wasteland, on dirt roads with unstable soil, or during periods of project interruption such as vacations.


Applying NODUST Infra as a dust suppressant on stockpiles e.g. coal or ore is very easy. A low NODUST Infra dosage is sufficient when using conventional equipment with continuous irrigation. By using NODUST Infra as a preventive measure, the surface of the stockpile will remain dust-free.

NODUST Infra offers great flexibility and user-friendliness. The product can be added to conventional irrigation systems with a Venturi. The repetition of the treatment is very easy in this way. NODUST Infra is biodegradable and non-corrosive.

Dirt roads

The easy application of NODUST Infra drastically reduces the maintenance costs of roads. NODUST Infra binds the dust on the roads and road shoulders.

NODUST Infra prevents dust problems on dirt roads and road shoulders, the surfaces become more stable and safer.


NODUST Infra is easy to apply as a dust suppressant on open areas next to runways on airports. Airplanes can cause a lot of dust during take-off and landing. The same counts for helipads.

NODUST Infra offers an easy and sustainable solution against dust problems on runways. By using conventional irrigation and spraying equipment, airports and helipads stay dust-free and safe.

For more information and possibilities about NODUST Infra for your specific situation, please contact us.