Project description

Every day the roads of Royal Palace Park Het Loo are being used by visitors who walk and employees who work in the gardens of the park. When it is hot and dry weather, the roads tend to become dusty and cause inconvenience for the employees and visitors of the park. Much of the dust is on the ground and when it is dry, it flies up into the air because of cars, bikes and pedestrians. NODUST®Infra is being applied on the roads of Palace Park in order to bind dust to the ground.


  • Find a sustainable and efficient solution for the dust problems by binding the dust on the surface;
  • Cost effective and environment friendly method to stabilize the road.


  • With NODUST®Infra the road stabilisation is so effective that only one treatment is needed for the entire summer season;
  • Cost savings on water, labour and equipment.


Immediate dust suppression and road stabilisation on dusty roads in the Royal Palace Park.